Budget Proposal Boosts Ag Spending

Budget Proposal Boosts Ag Spending

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Agriculture Gains in Biden Budget

The Biden administration's budget proposal for 2022 includes a sizable increase for the Agriculture Department and climate research.

Ag information Network’s Bob Larson has some of the details.

BOB: "The president's budget requests more than 9 million dollars for the Climate Change Corps within the Ag Secretary's office. It includes more than 5 million dollars for the Chief Scientist's Office to support the Agriculture Advanced Research and Development Authority. The proposal seeks another 4 million for the Economic Research Service (ERS) to support climate science activities -- and another 99 -million for clean energy projects under the Agricultural Research Service. "

The funds would expand broadband access, encourage farmers to use cleaner energy, invest in research for farming technology, and ensure more equitable farm programs.

The budget proposal also includes $5.5 million for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack called Biden's proposal historic, saying, “The President’s budget gives USDA a new set of tools to address the urgent challenges of our time—racial injustice, a changing climate, and hunger. He added that when we invest fairly and equitably in American families and communities, we lay the foundation for decades of American prosperity."

The 6 trillion dollar budget is now before congress. The federal fiscal year begins in October.

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