New App Helps Find Farm Labor

New App Helps Find Farm Labor

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Getting quality labor to work on the farm can be a chore, but a smartphone app can help farmers and ranchers find the best candidates. AgButler connects farmers and ranchers with laborers in rural communities, alleviating issues farmers and ranchers face when trying to find high-quality, experienced labor. Ag Butler Founder and CEO Kevin Johansen, a farmer himself from Missouri, says the idea was developed to fill the agriculture labor gap.

“We started looking at developing AgButler when we came back in a managerial role on my wife's family's operation. It really all started in a cab of a tractor, listening to podcasts and kind of started connecting the dots, especially with my background, being a freelance worker in the cattle industry on feedstock sales and cattle shows, and we always see a growing disconnect on the labor gap that we have in rural communities.”

The app launched last fall and connects farmers and ranchers with farm workers.

“It's based off of star ratings, experience and location to the farmer and rancher. There's features for both the employer and labor, laborers can search for jobs by industry or specification, or they can do a general search with the map function that shows them where jobs are located and how many jobs are located in certain areas across country.”

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