Fresh Florida Beef

Fresh Florida Beef

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Previously on the Farm Traveler Podcast, I interview the family behind Boyd Fresh Farms, a 7th generation cattle ranch that is pivoting to a farm to table model.

Former Florida and US Congressmen, Alan Boyd and his family are the owners behind Boyd Farms Fresh, a beef ranch located near the Florida/Georiga border. In our interview, Alan discusses their reasoning on the pivot which was a result of some of the processing issues caused by the pandemic.

"Fresh beef got shortened in the grocery store and the farmers didn't have an outlet for theirs, then it got really cheap. My wife, and Suzanne, and the boys, we all talked about it and decided to pivot this operation into a farm to table. Which is very, it's not an easy project for fresh beef. Especially in this part of the country where there are very few harvest plants for beef."

This direct to consumer model also results in fresher meat for consumers, as because of the short supply chain, Boyd Farms Fresh beef can stay fresher, longer in your fridge. Here is Susanne Boyd, the marketing manager behind Boyd Farms.

"So our meat is so fresh. I mean you have to think about what your meat has been through before it gets to the grocery store. And yes, you only have a couple of days to eat that. But our meat is so fresh that you have up to 45 days, for most of our cuts, in your refrigerator before you even have to think about freezing it."

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