New Syngenta Vayantis Seed Tech

New Syngenta Vayantis Seed Tech

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

New seed tech is on its way to corn growers across the country, thanks to new developments by Syngenta. Corn is a popular commodity throughout the United States, and many growers in the southeast, plant corn as part of crop rotation strategies with growing cotton and peanuts. Syngenta is launching a new Pythium protection seed line, which Upon EPA registration, the new Vayantis® seed treatment will deliver reinforced Pythium protection for corn growers.

Dale Ireland does seed research and development for both corn and soybeans with Syngenta. Dale and his team have been developing the new treatment for around 8 years. This new treatment protects corn and soy from Pythium and Phytophthora. Pythium effects varying soils differently, but can be of huge benefit to growers with different soil types.

"Anytime you've got real well drained soil, you avoid some of these water molts. But Vayantis provides a novel mode of action, a new mode of action, against both of those. "

The protection Vayantis offers from Pythium is, as Dale describes, a whole new level for growers.

"Obviously this new product called Vayantis, which is not registered yet but it should be any day now. Vayantis just adds a new mode of action. It's going to bring that protection against Pythium to a whole new level. It's the most robust Pythium protection that's available."

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