Everyvine Brings Data and Transparency to Sonoma County Winegrowers

Everyvine Brings Data and Transparency to Sonoma County Winegrowers

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
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Great wines are made from grapes grown in a high quality location with a skilled grower. Everyvine is an online platform looking to bring data and transparency to the market for winegrapes. They’ve been a great technology partner, says Sonoma County Winegrowers President Karissa Kruse.

Kruse… “They'll fly drones, over properties that are participating and really map - so get a really good picture and mapping of that site. They'll be able to do some of the analytics on their own. And they'll also sort of partner with the growers - with the association - to kind of deep dive to understand, you know, okay. It's pino noir, but what clone of pinot noir do you have there and what kind of information can you share?”

All of this helps growers to market not only their business, but the data and information that might differentiate them to perspective buyers.

Kruse… “You know, especially if you think about grape growers and especially in Sonoma County, most of them are just farmers. They don't actually have wineries. And so they partner with a winery, so to be able to have those wineries with a click of a button be able to get so much information about the vineyard site is really helpful.”

This also is important for sustainability metrics to tell the story of how growers are making their vineyards more sustainable.

Kruse… “As you can imagine, historically, you'd actually have to be in Sonoma County, out meeting with a grape grower and walking the vineyard to get a real sense of what it looked like and how it felt. And now you're going to be able to get that with a click of a button.”

Learn more about the platform at www.everyvine.com.

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