Honest Meat, The Honest Bison

Honest Meat, The Honest Bison

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

The Farm Traveler podcast is all about bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Each week, I sit down with farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and others in the ag space to showcase what goes on at the farm as well as the science and technology used to produce our food.

This week, I sat down with Sean Lenihan, founder of the Honest Bison, which is a direct-to-consumer meat service offering, you guessed it, Bison, as well as Elk and Venison. In our interview, Sean talks about why he chose Bison as the focus of his business, highlighting the quality and consumer perception of the meat.

"Your perception as a consumer, from the American history you know the iconic nature of bison, but as a consumer, you can go to a lot of grocery stores and get a pound of ground bison. Because of the bison industry, those processors and ranchers that proceeded me for the last fifty-plus years, they did the work to make sure the distribution happened and that customers could generally have access to it. The answer to your question more directly, I wanted to deliver a superior product that couldn't be copied and was exclusive and that was very much slow supply, high demand."

The Honest Bison also focuses on grass-raised and grass-finished Bison, as opposed to grain-finished, which is the most common here in the United States. Their products range from Bison Ribeye and Briskets, Elk flank steak and burgers, and even a blend of ground bison meat, heart, and liver for those wanting to increase their organ meat consumption.

If you're interested in the Honest Bison, check them out at www.thehonestbison.com. And to hear my complete interview with Sean, and many other interviews, just search for Farm Traveler on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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