BeeWhere Protects Bees

BeeWhere Protects Bees

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
It’s called beewhere and it’s all about protecting pollinating bees in almond orchards.

Josette Lewis is Chief Scientific Officer with the Almond Board of California.

“It is a California law that pesticide applicators need to provide 48 hours advance notice to any beekeepers who have hives within a mile radius. So that's the law,” Lewis said. “Historically, most applicators or growers would contact their County ag Commissioner and the County ag commissioner would put them in touch with any beekeepers that were present in that area,” she said.

And Lewis says that process now is much easier.

“The Almond Board, along with CAPCA and a number of other organizations funded some software and apps that you can have on your phone, or you can also go to it on your computer, and it's called beewhere,” explained Lewis

“And it makes it much quicker and straightforward and you can use it anytime of the day,” Lewis said

So even when the California Ag Commissioner's office is closed, you can still comply with that legal requirement of the 48-hour advanced notice. Now, again, if you're not using the beewhere app on the phone, you can get to the beewhere on a tablet or your computer just type in

So even when the California ag Commissioners office is closed you can still comply with that legal requirement of the 48 hour advance notice

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