Farmer Who - Michelle Martin

Farmer Who - Michelle Martin

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

This week on the Farm Traveler Podcast, I sit down with farmer, rancher, tv show host, magazine editor, basically a jack of all trades, Michelle Martin. Michelle and her husband farm in south texas, specifically the Rio Grande Valley which is right next to Mexico. Here is Michelle on what all is grown in the area.

"We grow over 50 different varieties of vegetables. Citrus is a huge thing here. We also have your cotton,. grain, and corn. What we do personally, my husband works for Helena Chemical and he farms vegetables and some exotics like Methi Leaf, which is like an Indian herb, similar to cilantro. That's some of the stuff we do."

One of Michelle's most unique projects is a food label called "Farmer Who". Which basically showcases to consumers exactly how their produce is made and where it comes from.

"When you go to a grocery store and say you pick up a watermelon, it has a sticker on it which the PLU number and maybe the farm's name where it came from. Right? So what I started is something called "Farmer Who". It's a picture of me holding a QR code. You just put your camera up to that QR code and a one-minute video will pop-up with me and a farmer that grew that exact piece of produce that you're holding."

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