The Future of Careers in Agriculture

The Future of Careers in Agriculture

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

The agriculture industry is filled with countless career opportunities besides just production farming. Business administration, engineering, biotechnology, food scientist, are just a few examples. Innovations in technology and consumer demands continue to evolve the industry and careers available to students. Here is Marcos Fernandez from Purdue University explaining the research behind determining what careers will be available for students intending to work in the industry.

We go through all the different areas and job openings and everything that's coming out and available to our students. We group them into four clusters: Management in Business, Science and Engineering, Food and Biomaterials production, and Education, Communication, and Government Services.

One of the largest segments remains to be the management and business group. Here is Marcos with a break-down of the career groups they have discovered.

The largest group is the management and business group which comprises about 42% of all positions that will be available for these graduates. Followed by science and engineering with about a third or 31% of those positions being available.

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