Crop-Dusting Gone Viral

Crop-Dusting Gone Viral

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Most of us have seen crop dusters at some point while driving by a rural farm. We see the big yellow planes fly dangerously close to the ground as they spray the crops. A lot more goes behind the scenes of crop dusting than you might think. And one couple is using social media to document eh misunderstood industry. Tyson and Callie of Ag Aviation Adventures are educating anyone curious about how crop-dusting works. Tyson, the pilot behind the viral videos, explains how he aligns his aircraft with crops before each run.

"I do have this lightbar on the nose of the aircraft. When Callie gives a field to go spray, accompanied with the paper map she gives me is a thumbdrive. I plug the thumbdrive into the GPS on the airplane and I select the field that shes given me. My lightbar tells me where to fly to get to that field."

One of the main reasons the couple decided to start a social media page is to help fight misinformation. The most popular assumption being that they only spray roundup.

"A lot of people believe that we only spray roundup and that's obviously not the case. That's a really big one right there. Because I carry 500 gallons (in the aircraft), people just automatically think it's 500 gallons of just straight of whatever chemical we're using, say roundup. But that's obviously not the case. You are having to mix it with mostly water."

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