Paul Marchant 2

Paul Marchant 2

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
A cowboy is named as the new Cassia County Farm Bureau President.

From the far reaches of Cassia County, back in the Oakley foothills, out where the deer and buffalo roam, you’ll find the new President of the Cassia County Farm Bureau. This is cow country and the new County President is a cattleman. 

“Like so many in agriculture, I always wanted to play Cowboy,” said Oakley rancher Paul Marchant. 

Paul Marchant grew up the cowboy way. He runs cattle, grows hay, and even coaches some basketball. 

“It's been a circuitous route I’ve taken but I’ve always been involved in agriculture and ranching. I majored in Animal Science at BYU, minored in German and I use that a lot as you can imagine. But I've run ranches in Nevada and Southern Utah and here in Idaho. We’ve been here in this place, it's my Dad's place 25 years. My kids were all raised here,” said Marchant. 

And Paul’s no stranger to Farm Bureau, he grew up here. 

“I spent 20 years on the County Board. It's another one of the things that happen in a big hurry. I've got Farm Bureau in my blood, my heritage. I've always been on the county board. I was really into County Farm Bureau forever and ever. I kinda didn't have a choice, but I did! Farm Bureau has been very good to me, and it's an opportunity to give back. We can't all be great philanthropists but Farm Bureau offers that to all members involved in agriculture. It behooves us to be involved in something that promotes our industry and gives back. So I've always felt that way," said President Marchant.

 The new Cassia County President takes over during challenging times but is confident the county will make it through COVID and the changes times just like they’ve always have. Paul Marchant, Cassia County Farm Bureau President.

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