Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
If you plan ahead, you can set yourself up for success.

That is according to Nate Andersen a Bayer Cereal Experts who tells us the winter wheat season presents several opportunities for growers.

"Despite the dryer soil conditions in the winter, seeds still receive enough moisture from above to be successful versus the more erratic conditions that have been experienced in spring. The winter is less prone to yield loss, which is prevalent in the spring season due to the intense heat stress on crops."

And he says they have high hopes for this season.

"2020 is expected to be the toughest season faced in the last 23 years, in addition to the depressed commodity prices. Growing seasons are generally consistent in the PNW, excluding market wheat prices."

And Anderson says, a Group 15 Herbicide is a good way to go heading into the fall season - to set you up for the months ahead.

"For growers in the PNW, a good practice would be to apply a Group 15 in the fall, which includes Axiom Herbicide, to help set up your spring spray for success as resistance becomes more prevalent.

The use of this herbicide as part of an IWM plan can help pre- and post-herbicide products, such as Olympus Herbicide or Osprey XTRA Herbicide, perform better in the spring due to less weeds, reduced size of survivors and less robust root systems.

Winter wheat, planted in September and October, may benefit from being treated with the Group 15 herbicides and then wait for moisture in the spring to come."

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