Regenerative Ranch Finds Investment Online

Regenerative Ranch Finds Investment Online

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Encinitas-based regenerative ranching company Landscape Function Management recently raised $425,000. Not from a bank or from a venture-capital firm, but from crowdfunding. The company listed their investment opportunity on Harvest Returns. Here’s Harvest Returns CEO Chris Rawley.

Rawley… “Kevin Muno and his team, a very experienced group of regenerative cattle producers, decided that they wanted to grow faster, quicker. So they came to us to Harvest Returns, to bring in some outside equity.”

Investments in regenerative agriculture are gaining in popularity, as many represent good returns for both the environment and the investors.

Rawley… “This particular one is a regenerative operation. And I think by any definition of the term, that's their goal. We do work with a number of grassfed producers. We've probably deployed close to $3 million with some other grass fed producers. And we, I like that space. One, yes, the ecology part of it is important and the environmental part is important, but as far as the return for our investors, we see it as a fairly safe asset class, just because these premium meat products are less volatile price-wise than their sort of conventional counterparts.”

Producers and investors can learn more by visiting the Harvest Returns platform.

Rawley… “Primarily we're focused on sustainable agriculture, specialty types of agriculture, like these grass fed deals. But we've also done a lot of controlled environment agriculture in some more specialized types of production.”

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