David Nothmann Joins Terramera as Chief Revenue Officer

David Nothmann Joins Terramera as Chief Revenue Officer

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Terramera, a global agtech leader, has named David Nothmann as their new Chief Revenue Officer. Many in the industry will recognized David’s name. He’s a California resident and long time agribusiness industry veteran.

I asked David what excited him about this new opportunity with the early stage company.

Nothmann… “So Terramera has set out to essentially reduce synthetic pesticide load by 80% by 2030.”

Nothmann says they are pursuing this big audacious goal in part through products that can make current agricultural inputs much more effective.

Nothmann… “I'm really responsible for all revenue generating activities. Currently, we've got a product called Rango out there. It's a combination insecticide miticide fungicide cold-pressed neem oil. A great product for variety of specialty markets here in California. In addition, you know, we've got a foundational chemistry technology called Actigate, and essentially what we're doing there is we have an opportunity to reduce the pesticide load that I've talked about earlier with synthetics, it increases effectiveness by about 10 times. So reducing the amount of active ingredient required. And then for natural ingredients, which are generally less effective when combined with Actigate you've got the opportunity to improve that effectiveness.”

We’ll watch for more big milestones at Terramera with leadership like David at the helm.

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