FarmLead Launches New Grain Trading Tool

FarmLead Launches New Grain Trading Tool

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
Tim Hammerich with your Market Line Report for Monday, February 10th.

We live in the age of Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace, yet most physical ag commodities are still traded offline. Brennan Turner is the CEO at FarmLead, a company that uses digital tools to make grain transactions easier.

FarmLead just announced their next product called Combyne, which allows farmers and traders to take their grain transactions online.

Turner… “With Combyne, you can really combine all of your trading partners into one unique tool in addition to potentially finding some new ones. And you're able to see upfront, who you're dealing with. There's a profile associated with it, kind of a social network dynamic. And you decide, do I want to show the grain that I'm looking to buy or sell to the entire marketplace and post publicly or do I want to just post to my private network of the buyers or sellers that I trust the most?”

Turner says Combyne can be used to manage existing trading relationships as well as for finding new ones. This brings trust, efficiency, and communication to the market making process.

Turner… “The biggest and best part about Combyne is that it is free. You can download the combine app on the Apple iOS store or the Android store, or you could just go to our website. and set up your account today.”

Turner says the evolution from the original FarmLead platform to Combyne comes as a result of months of testing and user feedback. It fulfills the company’s mission of making grain trading easier.

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