Dairy Considerations

Dairy Considerations

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson has been working for over six months on what could be viewed as the most important piece of agricultural legislation in recent years…the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. I had questions for him.

The agriculture immigration bill has strong bipartisan support and you're not at odds with the president. Trump’s merit based immigration philosophy.

Uses many components of the Trump rule to fix the agriculture guest worker program.

Stabilizes the current workforce and allows for agriculture to access future workers they need to support the ag sector which is 20 percent of Idaho’s economy.

To gain legal status there are work requirements and fines for workers. This is NOT AMNESTY.

Those in current workforce who gain legal status are prohibited from accessing public benefits.

Supported by over 40 Idaho agriculture and business organizations.

Makes E-Verify mandatory for agriculture.

Supported by law enforcement so they can create a legal process for ag workers so they can focus on bad actors like gang members.

Creates a year round program for the dairy industry. Idaho is the #3 milk producing state in the nation and labor is their number one concern.

Reduces litigation by requiring workers to enter mandatory mediation before filing any lawsuit.


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