Frozen Calf Rescued Pt 1

Frozen Calf Rescued Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. It's a story that went viral over the weekend after a Central Washington rancher posted pictures of a calf named "Oreo" that was covered with snow and ice. Media outlets across the country had pictures of the ice-encrusted calf.

The good news is, Oreo was pulled from the freezing weather and nursed back to health by Ephrata rancher Nick Cobb of C & C farms ...

COBB ... "But, Oreo, he was found right in the middle of the storm. I took him home. My daughter and my wife, they worked him over pretty good to get him up and going, but yeah, he was a little more iced over than the other calves. That's why I took him home to the tub and they rubbed him down with towels just, as if, the mom was licking him and it helps stimulate the body."

Cobb says it's been a rough week for the cows, but little Oreo in particular ...

COBB ... "The whole weekend has been just a blur, but yeah, he was picked up then. And he actually is a twin that was trying to graft and I pulled him from that mom he was trying to graft on and then just turned her loose through that winter, that storm. And now I'm trying to get him grafted again on another cow."

He says the weather has kept them very busy ...

COBB ... "Between the four of us, there's 880 head. Then, there's a hundred or so, I think another hundred on top of that so there might be 980 head out here we're keeping track of."

Listen tomorrow for more on the plight of cattle and ranchers during this winter blast.

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