Ag Weather Impacts

Ag Weather Impacts

Well it was just last year at this time, the inland northwest was removed from the drought monitor designation. But since last fall, in the southern plains, the drought has become severe to exceptional. I talked about the drought with Lacey Noterman, one of the county extension agents for Haskell County Kansas in Sublette, which is about 50 miles southwest of Dodge City.

For the past 6 months, They've received less than 25 percent of normal precipitation. I asked Lacey about the drought impacts.

Lacey: Of course, we had a little bit of scare with some fires. Thankfully, we've been able to put them out pretty fast. The wheat is suffering quite a bit. The ground actually has not been blowing as bad as what you think it would be blowing. I think that's because the farmers haven't got out and worked it, and so it's got a little bit of crust on it still. There's not anything green on the pastures yet. It's just been pretty miserable.

She said the wheat is entering the reproductive stage and is hurting badly due to lack of moisture.

Lacey: I know it's jointed. It's kind of sporadic throughout the county. I would say that it's probably leaning towards poor.

My thanks to K State Extension Agent Lacey Noterman from Haskell County Kansas, for updating us on the impacts of southern plains drought.

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