30 Farms in Alberta, Canada  Under Quarantine For Bovine TB

30 Farms in Alberta, Canada Under Quarantine For Bovine TB

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
With the Agribusiness Update, I'm Susan Allen. Around 30 farms in southeastern Alberta, Canada are under quarantine as Canada attempts to track down cattle exposed to bovine tuberculosis (TB). CBC News of Canada reports the investigation stems from a U.S. Department of Agriculture notice in September that a cow from Alberta tested positive for bovine TB at a U.S. slaughter plant. This is the 10th confirmed case of bovine TB identified in the U.S. from foreign animals this year. Working in a poultry plant is a relatively safe job. A Labor Department report shows job injury and illness rates remain at all-time lows for US poultry worker and lower than the 2015 rate for the entire food manufacturing sector. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman is renewing his claim that if put to a vote, Congress would pass the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Froman told NBC News that if House and Senate leaders bring TPP forward, his team can get the votes needed to pass it. The trade ambassador's claim is not new, but it comes just days ahead of next Tuesday's election with both presidential candidates publicly opposing TPP to secure key voting blocks, though most farm interests back the deal as a way to boost low commodity prices.
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