Informative VFD Webinars

Informative VFD Webinars

Many livestock producers have questions about how the Veterinary Feed Directive or VFD might affect their farm or ranch. GlobalVetLINK —- a company that provides digital solutions for animal health — has hosted a series of webinars providing strategies for dealing with VFD for veterinarians, feed mills as well as swine, dairy, beef, poultry and even aquaculture producers.


GlobalVetLink Marketing Communications Manager Amy Benton says it was important to address the issues by animal species.


Benton: “We had a swine expert come in and present specific information for swine. We had a bovine expert come in and present specific information for beef production and then we had a separate one for dairy — even though they are the same animal, they are very, very different. So the ruling that we presented on obviously was the same throughout, but it affects each production class a little bit differently. So we wanted to make sure we directly tied into that. We were giving producers the information that was specific to them because if you are swine producer knowing how the VFD ruling is going to affect dairy production isn’t extremely helpful. So we tied into each of those.”


Benton: “All of the webinars we did that have been produced already are available online. You can go there by going to”

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