Shade Haven Provides Livestock Portable Shade

Shade Haven Provides Livestock Portable Shade

Nearly two years ago I interviewed Vince Hundt the inventor of the Shade Haven — a nifty portable shade device for livestock. I recently visited with Shade Haven CEO Peter Bergquist shares more details about this creative invention.

Bergquist: "The ShadeHaven was designed for managed grazing practices or rotational grazing practices. It was designed so that a farmer would be able to keep his animals on pasture even during the hot season or inclement weather. Really that is the advantage of the mobile shade — instead of bringing the animals back to the barn or trying to keep them in certain areas of the pasture that is under shade. You can keep your cattle in rotation at all times without having to change your rotation."

Bergquist continues with a description of this portable shade unit.

Bergquist: "Our ShadeHaven is about 40 feet in diameter. A circular structure that is on a tri-pod frame with an axle and wheels. It can be towed with an ATV or a small tractor. It weighs about 3,000 pounds, so it is light enough to be towed by an ATV but heavy enough that it won't be picked up by the wind."

If you are interested in learn more about Shade Haven, go to

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