Cows' Calving Time Nutritional Needs

Cows' Calving Time Nutritional Needs

Once a cow has calved it remains critical for her to receive enough nutritionally to not only feed her calf but also to prepare her body for getting bred again. Performix Nutrition Systems Animal Nutritionist and Consultant Marty Gill says

Gill: "If you cheat that cow or short that cow nutritionally and she isn't in that 5 to 6 body condition score range, you are going to pay for it after calving at some point — either its going to be less milk production that she is genetically capable which means that the calf doesn't gain weight as fast and it cost you money. And/or slower return to estrus or cycling so you miss a cycle or two in getting her bred then you are talking about a serious amount of money being left on the table."

So, what are the financial consequences of missing a cow's heat cycle in getting her bred?

Gill: "Another thing producers need to look at in this current era of really high and really nice cattle prices. If you miss a cycle — or one cycle delayed in getting that cow bred. The amount of gain that you missed on that calf for those 21 days at current market prices is going to amount to well over a $100 bill. So you start looking at every cow and every cycle and adding up every cycle you are missing is $100 worth of loss value to your operation. It makes a whole lot of economic sense and return on investment to supplement these cows nutritionally with proper levels to allow them the maximum production and breeding percentage."

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