Shade Haven Shade Providing Product

Shade Haven Shade Providing Product

With the recent round of high temperatures, many livestock are seeking out shade to endure the heat. What is to be done if the pasture your cows are grazing doesn't have shade? Well, Vince Hunt has invented the solution for you — the Shade Haven.

Hundt is a Wisconsin cattle producer who uses rotational grazing, With many of his padlocks lacking shade, Hundt came up with the idea several years ago and with the help of two young aspiring entrepreneurs created the Shade Haven. He explains the benefits

Hundt: "Number one: it is very mobile. It's very easy to move. You can move it with a four-wheeler, you can move it a horse, two people — if they are strong — can move it by hand. It is of meaningful size. It's 1200 square feet — you can put 60 to 70 animals under it very easily. Number three it is very tolerate of the wind. We have had it out in winds of 30 to 35 miles per hour without any problem at all. The cloth itself is shade cloth and the in industry the shade cloth being 80 percent solid and 20 percent perforated — tight nylon weave and the air moves through it."

Does this sound like the solution to your lack of shade? Hundt shares more

Hundt: "We at this point in time, we are selling these factory-direct as it keeps the prices down and keeps things simple. We would encourage people who are interested to go to and have a look."

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