Wheat Remains Mostly Positive

Wheat Remains Mostly Positive

Tuesday began with a negative announcement that Egypt had cancelled 4 million bushels of U.S. Soft Red Wheat but by day's end most wheat future contracts ended on an uptick. From the floor of the CME Group Derek Nelson shares his observations of Tuesday's cattle market.

Nelson: "In the live cattle market, the cash market continues to remain firm in the mid-140's. And the forecast for another round of frigid temperatures continue to supply some underlaying fundamental support. There are some concerns about the carcass weights as these cold temperatures require increase the feeding of these animals and talk of some feed and forage concerns helped to support the market."

Chicago May Wheat ended Tuesday up up a penny at 6-18. May corn ended the day up 3 and 1/2 cents at 4-61 and 1/4.

Portland prices for soft white wheat were up 1 to 10 cents at mostly 7-36 and 3/4. White club wheat prices were had no price comparisons but were at mostly 7-88 and 3/4. Hard Red Winter wheat with 11.5 percent protein prices were up 7 cents at mostly 8-55. DNS wheat with 14 percent protein prices were up 5 and 1/4 cents at 8-61.

April live cattle were up $1.17 and half Tuesday at 142-40. April Feeder cattle were up 90 cents at 172.52 and half. April class III milk was down 51 cents at 20-78.

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