2014 Ag Year In Review Part 4

2014 Ag Year In Review Part 4

2014 Ag Year In Review Part 4. I'm Greg Martin with today's Line On Agriculture.

One of the big issues this year, if not the biggest, of course was the farm bill and the House seemed to have considerable trouble coming to grips with how to make it work when the major portion of the bill concerns the nutrition part so the did some outside of the box thinking and split the bill in two much the chagrin of ag leaders. Farm Bureau's Dale Moore.

MOORE: I don't think the votes will be there to pass two separate bills and it raises all kinds of questions. Does the leadership expect that all the Republicans would vote to get both bills off the House floor and into conference and then you would run into the problem that the Senate Majority leader's already indicated that he's not going to take them up as two separate bills.

A mystery cropped up in a northwest Oregon wheat field. It was a suspicious patch of genetically modified wheat. Monsanto's Chief Technology Officer, Rob Fraley.

FRALEY: The CP4 event was not present in the seed varieties the grower planted in 2011. The USDA has also confirmed that the CP4 event was not present in the grain that was harvested from the farmers field in the summer of 2012. And so as you know last spring, the spring of 2013, after farming the same field for nine years without encountering any problems the farmer found a smattering of volunteer wheat plants in the field and in only about 1% of that field.

That's today's Line On Agriculture. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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