Angus Association Elects New President

Angus Association Elects New President

The governing board of the American Angus Association recently welcomed a new President - Gordon Stucky - an Angus rancher from Kingman, Kansas. Stucky will help guide the course for the business breed and its more than 25,000 members across the United States and Canada.

Stucky: " The American Angus Association has to continue to refine their business plan as we go forward. The ability for the association to use the extremely strong database we have, utilize the staff we have -- who in my opinion are second to none -- and to be able to transfer the collection of data into a concise formate to where the commercial cattlemen and seedstock producers can grab onto that and just continue to be able to make higher quality cattle every year as we go forward will keep the association in a very strong position."

As cattlemen start looking for genetics to rebuild their cow herds - Stucky believes there is a huge opportunity for the Angus breed

Stucky: "The cow herd expansion of the next several years is going to be very important to the American Angus Association because first of all Angus cattle are already known for high maternal quality to go along with high carcass quality. We are just in an industry where you don't want to make any mistakes. I think Angus cattle can offer that data and offer that ability to be able to give success to these commercial cattlemen and these seedstock producers."

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