Engaging Millennial Generation Beef Consumers Through Innovative Communications

Engaging Millennial Generation Beef Consumers Through Innovative Communications

The U.S. beef industry is heading in a new direction when it comes to advertising efforts. The new focus is on the Millennial age group -- especially those raising kids. Washington State Beef Commission's Executive Director Patti Brumbach says

Brumbach: "The Millennial target audience is a real important audience. They are replacing Baby Boomers in the workforce over the next few years. We are specifically looking at Millennial parents who are about 25 to 35 years old. They've grown up with working parents and they don't know how to cook and with our product beef, you need to know how to cook."

This demographic does not rely on traditional media to get their information. Most have a smart phone and access the web and social media to gather information, news, as well as recipe ideas.

Brumbach: "And we will be going towards more online digital advertising and/or social media communications."

This provides the opportunity to specifically target portions of the Millennial audience with messages appropriate to them and reach them in real time: through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterst.

Brumbach: "Seventy-four percent of Millennial parents says they would rather serve their kids chicken over beef and that's a big problem."

One reason for this mindset - she says - is that Millennials are looking for quick, simple and easy recipes - and chicken is something they believe will fit those standards however, she says beef delivers on all of those things as well.

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