Ordinary Lives Led Extraordinarily

Ordinary Lives Led Extraordinarily

Today’s story isn’t reporting on any new research or of the headlines you might read in your industry publications; instead we will be visiting about those people in the industry that make a difference in their family’s and friends’ lives and their communities.


In the last month -- two amazing men involved in the livestock industry have passed away in Oregon’s Umatilla County: Gary Miller and Clayton Livingston. Both I had the distinct pleasure and blessing to know. For those of you listening who didn’t -- bet you know some men like them in your own life: strong men who could gently doctor a sick calf or speak an encouraging word to a 4-H or FFA member; they held positions on various community organizations. The kind of men that always had a smile and good word to share when you would see them.


They were larger than life and never would have claimed to live extraordinary lives -- but they did just by living their ordinary lives in an amazing way.


Clayton’s memorial is today at the family ranch in Long Creek. We will all gather and celebrate a life well lived, but one that seems to be cut short. He had a lot of living yet to do. We will try to console his family and I’m sure there will be laughter too because Clayton loved to laugh.


Take some time today to consider those who make a difference in your life and

let them know how much they mean to you.


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