Cargill's Recent Australian Agreement will Bring More Aussie Beef to US

Cargill's Recent Australian Agreement will Bring More Aussie Beef to US

A week ago Cargill announced that it had an agreement with Teys Australia -- the second biggest Australian beef producer -- to bring, according to Cargill's news release "high quality Australian beef to American dinner tables throughout out the nation."

Teys Australia is a vertically integrated business which manages every aspect of beef operations from cattle ranching and feedlot operations, to meat processing and distribution. Cargill will add a variety of Teys beef products from both its grass-finished and grain-finished cattle.

Field reporter Greg Martin has more on the grass-fed beef market

Martin: "According to a recent National Public Radio story, many natural and organic grocery stores are adding Australian grass-feed beef to their retail meat departments' selection with the demand of grass fed beef on the increase. Some U.S. grass-fed beef producers are stating that in some cases the Aussies are providing their product to retailers for 75 cents to a $1 a pound less than U.S. grown. Another advantage for Australia is that -- as long as there is water available -- they are able to graze their cattle year-round which provides a constant supply."

Thanks, Greg.

Often those consumers who are interested in grass fed beef may also make decisions on where the food products were produced. Be aware that there is a considerable amount of Australian and Brazilian grass fed beef being sold in natural and organic grocery chains across the country.

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