Ranch Wife Life

Ranch Wife Life

Welcome to Open Range, I’m KayDee Gilkey. Stay tuned because after the break I’ll check in with our field reporter, Greg Martin for the AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks KayDee. The life of a ranch wife is open for all to see if you follow the Ranch Wife Life blog created by Bridget Elliott.

ELLIOTT: Ranchwifelife.com is a blog that I’ve launched on behalf of the Beef Commission and it’s another social media tactic that allows us to tell the real beef story and answer some common consumer questions about how beef is raised in a very non-confrontational and a really positive way...and a targeted way.

She says they get all kinds of questions from people from what cattle eat to the life cycle of a cow. And hopefully they can help dispel some misconceptions.

ELLIOTT: There isn’t one single misconception. That’s what makes a blog and social media kind of useful because it kind of allows for that interaction. It allows for interaction where a magazine advertisement or radio advertisement does not and so that’s where a consumer can take their specific question - it does seem like there’s a lot of myths out there and the blog is a great opportunity to bust some of those myths by presenting the facts.

Once again you can read Bridget’s blog at ranchwifelife.com.

I’m Greg Martin and that’s today’s AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks Greg. Don’t forget Greg will be back each Wednesday with the AgriBeef Minute. Agri Beef Co - Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef. I’m KayDee Gilkey.  

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