Wedge Wolf Pack to be Eliminated

Wedge Wolf Pack to be Eliminated

Wedge Wolf Pack to Be Eliminated

In Northeast Washington, the Wedge Wolf pack has had multiple killings of cows and calves and according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the pack will soon be eliminated. After the break we will visit with Jack Field of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association, I’m KayDee Gilkey with Open Range.?

The Wedge Pack, a group of at least eight wolves whose range includes a remote, roughly triangular area of northern Stevens County bordered by Canada and the Columbia and Kettle rivers have been feasting exclusively on cattle. Washington Cattlemen’s Association Executive Vice President Jack Field says the industry is glad that the Department of Fish and Wildlife is following the management plan.

Field: “The Wedge Pack is one that has become chronic in depredation of livestock as per the Dept. of Wildlife’s Wolf Recovery plan, they told the stakeholders from the beginning, that the department would manage and control problem wolves. This is truly the first test of the department and the plan. We are very happy to see the department stepping up recognizing the importance of this issue and being prepared to take bold steps with the pack in the Wedge.”

The Wedge Pack has killed or injured at least 15 cattle from the Diamond M herd, which grazes in a large area near the Canadian border. Field mentions that the Diamond M also has about 40 dry cows with missing calves in addition to the reported 15 killed.
I’m KayDee Gilkey with Open Range on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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