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Valley Mobile Website

Valley Mobile Website. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

The world of the internet and smart mobile device continues to progress and develop. You are able to do more and more from your handheld devices and accessing information is critical. Accessing a full internet website on a smartphone can sometimes be difficult since the content was not designed for the small screen and Kelly Cackin, Marketing Coordinator for Valley Irrigation says they recognized that more and more people are carrying smart phones.

CACKIN: We are seeing an increase in our mobile audience for that same reason. You know everybody has a hand held mobile device or the majority of people do and we just wanted to make sure that the information from our website is available to those who choose to use their small screen mobile devices to access that sort of information.
When you navigate your mobile device to the Valley website you will get a new screen designed specifically for your small screen. Cackin talks about the kinds of information you can access.

CACKIN: They can find a local dealer. We have a mobile version of our dealer locator. They can access basic product information such as on our center-pivots, our linears, our corners and control technology products. We also have several videos available to view such as our video on our Made In The USA gearbox. We have our most recent sales promotions on the site and they can also check commodities and their local weather based on location.

Having this kind of information available in an easy to access and easy to read format is a huge plus. Valley Irrigation has been a leader in new technologies for years.

CACKIN: We are committed to helping our growers access information easier from a marketing standpoint. We are the leader in precision irrigation and we will continually bring new products to the market designed to help growers improve their yields, conserve water, cut down on labor and reduce energy expenses.

It’s easy to access the mobile site by going to Cackin says they are always looking at better ways to interact with their growers and that means being where they are in the social media world.

CACKIN: We have a Twitter account that we have been on for over a year now. our handle is @ValleyPivots. We also have a YouTube channel that if you go on YouTube and you search Valley Irrigation you will find our channel easily. We are also in the process of developing a Facebook page.

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.  

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