Idaho Cattle Association Convention

Idaho Cattle Association Convention

Susan Allen
Susan Allen

Welcome to Open Range, I’m Susan Allen. Stay tuned because after the break I’ll check in with our field reporter, Greg Martin for the AgriBeef Minute.

I’m Greg Martin with today’s AgriBeef Minute. Each year the Idaho Cattle Association hold their annual convention and Wyatt Prescott, Executive Vice President of the ICA says they choose the location to help reach out to non cattle people.

PRESCOTT: We welcome all walks of life to be quite honest and in a lot of ways our location of our annual convention, Nov. 14-16 in Sun Valley and sometimes that particular culture seems to breed a bit of an opposition to our industry or a lack of understanding to our industry and so that’s one of the reasons we keep going back to that location every year.

He says it’s about educating the public and there is good reasons for cattle producers to attend the event.

PRESCOTT: To help forge the policy as the organization moves forward into the next year and into the future. And essentially what we do at the convention is we set down and make the rules for how we are going to operate for the next year in terms of what message we are going to bring to the state government and federal government.

Prescott says they are still looking for some sponsorships and there are some great benefits.

PRESCOTT: You’re working with a very loyal group of individuals in this industry and they’re going to do business with those that support their industry.

For more information visit I’m Greg Martin and that’s today’s AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks Greg. Don’t forget Greg will be back each Wednesday with the AgriBeef Minute. Agri Beef Co - Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef. I’m Susan Allen. 

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