3-15 SS Deep Sea Fishing

3-15 SS Deep Sea Fishing

 Wanta’ go deep sea fishing in deep seas off the coast of Oregon. Well hang on and I’ll tell you how. This is…The Captain’s Reel is a guided service out of Newport, OR that says they’re  excited to offer deep sea fishing trips where, season dependent, you can catch Rockfish Halibut, Salmon, and Albacore Tuna. Tuna fishing can take you up to 100 miles off the coast of Oregon. On most deep sea fishing trips, the Captain’s Reel also offers a crab combo option. Whale watching all year round and bay or ocean crabbing are other adventures waiting for you when you embark at Captain’s Reel Deep Sea Fishing. Owner Jerry Powell.  When Jerry says crabbing he isn’t kidding. This is quite an adventure, listen. People who are afraid of going out on the ocean we run a bay crabbing trip. It’s similar to the deadliest catch where you go through and actually bait the pots.  Throw the pots overboard yourselves. When fishing for halibut  there’s an 80 pound test line  down 600 feet you’re using anything from a 24 ounce to a 48 ounce lead ball with a dead herring at the end of it and you’re just dragging the bottom, bouncing the lead on the bottom.  What’s it like to catch a huge halibut? It’s like bringing a garage door up.


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