Research the focus this week at Potato Commission

Research the focus this week at Potato Commission

Washington Ag Today October 29, 2010 A lot of research scientists have been visiting the Moses Lake office of the Washington State Potato Commission this week. Commission Director of Research Andy Jensen explains why.

Jensen: “We are holding big meetings here at the commission office where all of our scientists who work on potatoes for us come to our office and meet with other scientists doing similar work, and also industry people and growers come, and just have informal discussions, offering each other input, explaining what they hope to do for the coming year. This is a process we developed several years ago which I think helps us have stronger research projects and research program and encourages cooperation among everybody involved.”

Jensen says the discussions focus on both research the commission funded for this past year and also some new ideas for the future.

Jensen: “There are actually some interesting projects being proposed, relatively simple projects looking a new pesticides companies are developing, or new biopesticides, biological organisms that might actually work to control some major pests of potatoes.” :

Potential new varieties that might be better and easier to produce than existing potato varieties have also been part of the research discussions.

That’s the Washington Ag Today. Brought to you in part by the Washington State Potato Commission. Nutrition today. Good health tomorrow. I’m Bob Hoff on Northwest Aginfo Net.


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