A  Temporary Win For Livestock Hauling

A Temporary Win For Livestock Hauling

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
With your Land and Livestock Report I’m Susan Allen. An amendment to the appropriations bill funding the Department of Transportation would give livestock and insect haulers a one-year delay on the electronic logging device requirements set to go into place in December. Those electronic logs would replace the paper documents that are commonplace in the trucking industry. Steve Hilker from Cimarron Kansas is the chairman of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Associations Transportation Committee. He says part of the problem is neither type of logging system can recognize the unique needs of livestock


HILKER:It’s been a one size fits all hours of service mandate there has never been any consideration to the livestock industry at the table so you can have a load of tractors on a flat bed or a load of red heifers or feeder pigs and you are governed by the same law but the cargo has completely different circumstances attached to them.

And the mandate isn’t practical for Livestock Haulers

HILKER: With this electronic mandate coming he’s going to have to unload after 11 hours drive and there is no infrastructure set up to handle unloading livestock in a bio secure manner.

It seems his message actually impacted those at the Capitol Hill given the language cleared out of a House appropriations subcommittee late last month was heavily supported by the livestock industry.


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