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  • Alltech’s Global Feed Survey

    Alltech for the the past six years has conducted a global feed survey. China is still ranked number one and the U.S. two, but together produce one-third of the world’s animal feed.

  • Port Deal & Wildfire Mitigation ***UPDATED***

    Idaho gets support for wildfire mitigation...and more pressure is being put on the ports for a resolution.

  • Weaning Practices Can Affect Marbling

    Historically, the beef industry has always put the emphasis on a steer’s finishing phase as the most critical time for marbling development. However, research is showing that weaning is also an important time to consider marbling development.

  • Bob Hoffman was the keynote speaker at the 2014 European conference of AdvertisingWeek:


    It comes as a complete shock to me that the best movie I have seen this year is a documentary by the name of Farmland. I usually don't watch documentaries and those I do watch have mostly bored me. I am a man who likes to see actors playing roles and movies being a great escape.

  • Food Foraging Revival

    Foraging for food is as old as time itself, and this time of year adds to free food possibilities.

  • New AG Tire Manufacturer Could Shake Up Industry

  • Gardening is America's #1 Hobby Thanks to the Local Food Movement

  • More mom's opt to stay Home

  • Wheat Markets Higher

    Wheat futures tracked the corn market higher Monday but wheat/corn spreads turned lower.

  • 8-6 IAT Life's Purpose

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has given the green light for the grisly practice of horse slaughter to resume on U.S. soil.

  • 8-2 SS CRP

    We all loaded onto a bus and headed for CRP land.

  • Beef Industry to Make Slow Turn

    The beef cattle numbers in the United States started to drop off not with the drought of 2012 - nor even two years prior to that when the grasslands withered away in Texas and Oklahoma.

  • Wheat Trade Choppy But Ends Higher

    Wheat futures trading higher for most of the day Thursday after the USDA report was considered bullish for wheat.

  • Cows Fed Flaxseed Produce More Nutritious Dairy Products

    Diets high in saturated fat can increase cholesterol and cause heart disease, while those rich in omega-3 and other polyunsaturated fatty acids may reduce the risk of heart disease, studies have shown.

  • Agribusiness Update for Monday 4/01/13

    Agribusiness Update for Monday 4/01/13

  • Was Buffalo Bill a Horse Whisperer?

    Life for the typical horse in the 1800's was hard. There were few horse whisperers, horses were regarded simply as tools to be broken and used hard. There were exceptions and yes there were devoted owners. One of these was Buffalo Bill Cody

  • What We Can Learn From Cowboy Ethics

    Imagine if Wall Street or the Obama administration embraced even one of Owens ten cowboy principles

  • The Cattle Breed once called a Freak

    What famous breed of cattle was once considered a freak at the Kansas City Livestock Expo?

  • Layoff Your Horse!

    Given today’s economic climate layoffs have become too common except when it comes to our horses .

  • Northwest Kobe Beef

    The Northwest is renowned for its premium wine grapes and specialty coffees, before long expect that a type of beef raised in our region will be included on that list as well.

  • New Beef Checkoff Products

    Check off dollars ... Ask the next rancher you meet about the beef check off program, you’ll find support as varied as cattle they produce.

  • Fuel Up To Play 60

    The NFL teaming up with the National Dairy Council? What kind of a game plan is that?

  • The Aspen's Demise

    You can have your Spring with it’s crocus, just give me a crisp fall day in our western mountains then color it with vine maples, aspens and tamarack.

  • Cows Over The Moon

    Remember the old nursery rhyme “the cow jumped over the moon” well California cows, those cheerful bovines on commercials are now “over the moon’.

  • Trick Training Revived

    Roy Roger's Trigger was once called the smartest horse in the world, but Trigger wasn't any sharper than the average equine he just knew more tricks.

  • Animal Ag Alliance Warning

    The Animal Ag Alliance has just posted an alert, warning farmers and business owners to strengthen the security of their facilities in the wake of the release of several videos exposing extreme animal abuse.

  • Why Whinny

    Little girls love to make the sound, in fact some are quite adept at it and we have all heard it....Whinnying just like a horse and just as each child voice on the playground is unique and recognizable so are the sounds horses make,

  • The Benefits of Grain Fed Beef

    A study by the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues showed beef produced by a grain and supplemental growth hormone diet results in 40 percent less greenhouse gases and saves two-thirds more land for nature than organic grass feed-beef.

  • Lottery Winner Buys Ranch

    So what would you do if you won over 200 million in the lottery? Travel the world, buy a yacht, invest in art? If you are a cowboy with a horse named Eleanor, you’d do the same thing you did the day before. Go for a good long ride.

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