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Weekly-Slaughter-Cattle-Review- Weekly Slaughter Cattle Review

The cattle market has been slowly but surely climbing as we take another look at last week’s prices

What's in a Name

Richard Pauli is a climate scientist in the Northwest and has noticed that the climate is going through what he terms dramatic destabilization.

Senator Honeyford proposes Water Bill Pt 2

A bill proposed by Sunnyside Senator Jim Honeyford has drew warnings from Tribe and DOE

CAFO-Updates CAFO Updates

The Department of Ecology announces adjustments to CAFO Permits

Weekly-Hay-Report Weekly Hay Report

Here is USDA Grain and Livestock Reporter Greg Sanders with the Columbia Basin Hay report from last week.

Owyhee-Canyonlands-Not-Made-Designated-as-National-Monument Owyhee Canyonlands Not Made Designated as National Monument

In the Southwest corner of Oregon, in Malheur County residents are giving a deep sigh of relief.

New-Biological-Plant-Activator-LifeGard New Biological Plant Activator LifeGard

Recently registered with EPA is LifeGard, the first foliar-applied biological plant activator available on the market for potatoes, sugar beet and other specialty crops to control disease.

Senator Honeyford proposes Water Bill

Senators propose bill to ease water rights decisions made by Supreme Court


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Holton Livestock Exchange, Inc. Congratulations 65th Anniversary

CAYAC (Cattle Auction Yard Advertising Co-op)
70 Sale Barns strong across the US 

Calving time and Baxter tells it how it is

FArm Credit 300x250 JAN 17

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