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Susan Allen New Reality Series, Dancing With Wolves
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: March 13, 2012

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I’m Susan Allen with an idea for a new reality show when Open Range returns. Heck with Survivor, A better reality series would be, no not Dancing With Wolves,    Ranching With Wolves !  I’m serious, I know of several ranchers, regulars to my  Open Range Facebook page  that want to invite wolf lovers and activists to spend a week with them in wolf country for a dose of the daily reality of dealing with vicious carnivores.  You see they believe that’s the only fair way for outsiders to formulate an opinion regarding the current wolf measures and the cattle industry.  It’s also important to understand  why merely  subsidizing ranchers  for livestock deaths doesn’t work.  In fact putting a price on a cow or mule drew a bevy of comments recently  on  Open Range’s  facebook page.  One Washington rancher named Paul posted that  “wolf lovers don't realize is that it is not just the money...we just don't want our livestock killed...we work hard to keep them alive and healthy! Ask any rancher during calving season!"  Angela, who ranches in  Wallowa County also reiterated that  it’s not the  money.  It's the trauma to the herd and the rancher, the heartbreaking loss of calves through abortion when the mama cows are stressed by wolves.  Her operation has lost a minimum of 35 cows  to wolves yet received compensation for two.  And if it was about the money the  recent wolf killings  that paid out at  $840 a calf and $1500 for a saddle mule isn’t even fair market value according to a  disgusted rancher in Arizona . If you want to get in on the wolf controversy, you can   join us  at Susan Allens’ Open range on Facebook .

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