Program: Food Forethought

Food Forethought

  • Change

    Change more often than not means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • Low Gas Prices

    Low gas prices can be a double-edged sword for farmers.

  • Reducing Food Waste

    Between a third and a half of all food grown on the planet goes to waste.

  • Citizenship For Animals

    Animal rights activist proposing that domestic animals and livestock be given legal citizenship.

  • Christmas Tree Origins

    The use of evergreens for celebrating the winter solstice has ancient origins.

  • Big Data Fears

    How do we base our understanding of Big Data on fact instead of fiction?

  • The More Things Change...

    We will soon be ushering in 2015, and it will more than likely offer more of the same.

  • Season For Giving and Scamming

    Scammers are just as busy this time of year as we are.

  • Ag Students Thwart Meatless Mondays Campaign

    What happens when you try to promote “Meatless Mondays” on a University campus smack dab in the middle of America’s Heartland?

  • Rent A Tree

    Now Californians can rent a live Christmas tree.

  • Trillion Dollar Funding Package

    Many within the ag industry have mixed feelings when it comes to the $1.1 trillion omnibus package that was approved by the Senate.

  • Farmer's Christmas Wish List

    What farmers eyes wouldn’t light up if they found a brand new tractor with all the bells and whistles wrapped up with a shiny red bow on Christmas morning.

  • Giving Season

    There seems to be an ever increasing demand at our nation’s food banks.

  • Building A Bond

    Matching animal personalities to their human counterparts is extremely important.

  • GMO Supporters Win Debate

    Debate over GMO's in front of voting audience has interesting results.

  • Committed To Food Recovery

    While millions of us continue to waste food millions more are starving.

  • Supporting Local Businesses

    “Every dollar spent at a local business is recirculated three times more in the community than a dollar spent at a chain store”.

  • Ol' Ben Would Be Proud

    Archaeologists have found turkey bones dating back to almost six thousand years; so they were probably on somebody’s dinner menu long before Thanksgiving ever became a national holiday.

  • Making a Difference for Those in Need

    The main source of donated foods to food banks continues to be from growers and processors.

  • Upping the Ante On Immigration Reform

    Ag industry caught in the middle of battle over immigration reform.

  • Owning the Data

    Farmers are well aware of the benefits that can be gleaned from big data; they are also well aware of the privacy issues surrounding such data.

  • "Just Eat Less"

    Fashion designer Westwood is backpedalling on "just eat less" comment directed at low income families.

  • GM Potato - Don't Be Frightened, Be Informed

    J.R. Simplot Co.'s new genetically modified potato has been approved by the USDA, but that doesn’t mean squat to McDonald’s.

  • Deadly Stormwater Runoff

    Each time it rains gallons upon gallons of toxic runoff finds its way into our lakes and rivers - threatening the environment, wildlife, and ultimately us.

  • The Future of Agriculture

    The 87th National FFA Convention was attended by a record 64,409 FFA members.

  • "Women In Ag" Survey

    More than thirty percent of all farm operations here in the United States are owned by women.

  • Campaign Signs

    At least one good thing comes with the end of the political season, the removal of political signs!

  • Bringing Agriculture & Veterans Together

    Veterans know how to commit to a cause, struggle to survive, and overcome great obstacles; all qualities that can be well applied to a career in agriculture.

  • Exports Setting Records

    Ag exports in FY 2014 shoot past last year’s record of $141 billion.

  • Voters Speak On GMO Labeling

    Voters in two more states reject GMO labeling initiatives.

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