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Idaho Agribusiness Today

  • On-Farm Mr Fixit

    For over a half-century, farmers from Mountain Home to Burns to Riggins have called 83 year old on-farm, farm equipment repair man Russ Reco.

  • Farm Repairman

    What if a piece of equipment breaks down, particularly during harvest?

  • Harvesting Dry Beans

    Historically, the way that beans have been harvested here in Idaho, they are actually undercut and then put in a wind row and then they dry down

  • Dairy-revenue protection

    Dairy Revenue Protection Meetings held across the State

  • Water Rich

    A chat with Brian Olmstead, Exec. Director Twin Falls Canal Company.

  • Confirming Wolf Kills

    Wolves have killed more than 700 cattle and 550 sheep in Idaho.

  • Ag Data Transparency

    Replacing outdated and painful marketing practices.

  • Ag Students Risk Management

    What future farmers can learn in the College of business and economics.

  • Fall Burndowns

    FMC Spokesperson Brent Neuberger has recommendations for growers as we approach the fall in terms of fall burn downs.

  • Spud Harvest

    On cool crisp mornings across Idaho, farmers are digging spuds.

  • NRCS and fire supression

    The Natural Resources Conservation Service NRCS) and United States Forest Service (USFS) are seeking proposals to mitigate wildfire threats.

  • Vineyard Treat

    Vineyard dinner

  • Future of Hi Tech Ag

    Ceres Imaging CEO Ashwin Madgavkar is an extremely high tech agricultural expert and I asked him about the future of high-tech ag.

  • Good Beer

    Over the last 10 years I’ve made no secret on the air about the fact that I enjoy good beer.

  • Harvest 1

    Harvest results in Idaho.

  • Fall Harvest

    Harvest results for 2018.

  • Eat what you kill

    A couple of years ago, apple grower Scott McIlrath, owner of McIlrath Family Farms in Tieton, Washington had an apple crop that was sparse.

  • Food Prices

    So far this year the the overall cost of food in the grocery store has only gone up 4/10 of a percent.

  • Land Prices

    The release of the Department of Agriculture’s Land Value Survey earlier this month held relatively few surprises at the headline level.

  • Trans Species Healthcare

    A very recent conference on swine health. i

  • Raising Goats

    Debra Jantzi owns a raw and pasteurized goat dairy in the Treasure Valley of western Idaho.

  • Farmers' Plea

    American Farm Bureau Federation presidents had a meeting withVP Mike Pence.

  • IRRC

    As it turns out, science textbooks in Idaho classrooms teach students more about rainforest ecosystems than they do rangeland ecosystems.

  • Dynamics of Barley

    A chat concerning the dynamics of growing barley in Idaho.

  • Bald Eagle Attacks

    A victory for White Oak Pastures and for small farms in America,

  • Importance of Soil

    Dr. Dan Strawn has rewritten his textbook entitled “Soil Chemistry”.

  • Land Prices

    The release of the Department of Agriculture’s Land Value Survey earlier this month held relatively few surprises.

  • Stock Dog 1

    There are dog trials for stock dogs.

  • Stock Dog

    Clawson trains stock dogs.

  • Statesman and Wolves

    We in the cattle industry were bothered a bit by an article in the Idaho Statesmen.

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