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David Sparks Ph.d Bear Bait
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 19, 2019

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Bear hunter Jarrod Secundo puts out a thousand pounds of bait and I got into a dialogue with him. "I get a lot of bread. Some of the bakeries will sell all their stuff that's already been expired. They can't sell anymore. They'll sell it pretty cheap so I'll get a lot of that. And I know a couple of butchers that give me some trimmings from some of their butcher shops and I got a fast food restaurant that saves all their grease during the spring and during the fall so that I can come pick it up for the spring hunt. I'll get roughly 30 gallons of grease and then for the fall I'll probably bring up an extra 20 gallons just to make sure we got plenty. And the grease kind of dehydrates the bears a little bit so they can’t eat as much in one sitting. The idea is that hopefully they can't just sit there and eat 50 pounds of bait at one time. They have to go get water somewhere. So typically you try to set your bait a little further away from water sources. So it's not just easy for them to set up camp and be able to roam within 100 yards from your bait to the creek or any kind of water source. It's either 200 feet or it's two hundred yards that you have to be from a water source anyways to keep your bait legal I believe. You set the bait out and the Bears just get into a pattern or a habit of coming to that site which will makes it easier to find them when you're on the hunt? Yeah so you don't have to rely so much on a lead dog being able to sniff a bear out off the road and keep your dogs all gaged up and you just run through your bait systematically and you get one hit and then you let the dogs go. And typically it works out pretty well."

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