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David Sparks Ph.d BioGen Ag
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: May 14, 2019

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It happens all the time for me in this job, which is why I love it. That "it" is the word wow which is what I said to myself after talking with, Chad Schofield, the founder of BioGen ag systems. There is the traditional method of growing livestock feed and then there is stepping into the next century. Here is Chad: " BioGen Ag systems was started as a group of engineers who wanted to address some of the agricultural issues that farmers face today. Make it easier for the farmer to make money. We actually were born out of a distress situation when all the Midwest Prairie States went through a drought around 2012. The drought was pretty severe. There were a lot of farmers who were losing their herds, essentially going out of business. I'm a farmer and a rancher and that was really bothering me. I was haying about five hundred acres of ground at the time and I ended up giving away all my hay to ranchers and farmers out in Dodge City, Kansas to help them save their herds. But even though I was giving away everything I had it just wasn't enough. So I decided that I was going to invent and put together something to help these farmers. So Biogen was born out of that distressed situation. We came up with this fodder solution. The technology was actually born out of Australia,but I took it and perfected it."

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