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David Sparks Ph.d Sage Grouse Plans
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: December 08, 2017

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Recently the BLM requested comments about proposed amendments to the sage grouse management plan and as you are all very familiar, that means the EPA will play a major hand and as is typically the case, it negatively affects ranchers who try and use their BLM allotments. I talked with Idaho Cattle Association Executive Director Cameron Mulroney about the background. In October 2017, the BLM issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) to consider the possibility of amending the BLM sage grouse resource management plans (RMPs).  This is the direction that ICA has been seeking for since top-level bureaucrats usurped our state plan prior to the RMP’s release in 2015. 


We have learned by experience that the anti-land use environmental organizations are extremely effective in mobilizing their base to churn out thousands of comments.  Now is your time to act.  We know that the BLM, Department of Interior (DOI) and the administration will be directly and repeatedly attacked if they move forward with re-opening any of the RMPs.  Our industry, who has much to lose if the RMPs are left in place unchanged, must actively comment and offer support to BLM and DOI. 

ICA has talking points available for anyone to use to formulate comments.  Please email karen@idahocattle.org if you would like a copy.


The bottom line is that we need the Idaho plan changed and we need your voice to make it happen. 


Comments can be submitted in the following ways:





More detailed information about BLM’s effort can be found.








Idaho BLM

c/o Ammon Wilhelm

1387 S Vinnell Way

Boise, ID 83708

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