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Bob Hoff Cantwell asked to oppose appointment to Interior of dam removal advocate
by Bob Hoff, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: June 23, 2011

Washington Ag Today June 23, 2011 The Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce has formally requested that Senator Maria Cantwell oppose President Obama’s appointment of Rebecca Wodder to a position in the Interior Department.

Wodder, who since 1995 has served as CEO of American Rivers, a national river conservation group, was nominated be the next Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. The chamber says Wodder advocates lower Snake River dam removal without consideration to the remarkable fish stock improvements that have occurred without dam removal.

The Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce says lower Snake River dam removal would have a devastating effect on the Tri-Cities and would prove to be an economic disaster for Washington state.

Now this from Stockland Livestock.

This is Jack McQuiness with Stockland Livestock. Monday, light run of cattle. Looking forward to next Monday and this weekend we have a horse sale. That will start at 11 o’clock with tack 2 o’clock. Monday regular cattle sale, and Tuesday, coming up Tuesday the 28th will be our first small a animal sale. We will start that at noon and go right on through. We have the Spokane area lamb pool will be involved so we will have good numbers for that. No sale on the 4th of July and a big special feeder sale on July 18th. That’s on a Monday. Don’t forget the horse sale this weekend. All here at Stockland. Thanks for listening.

Thanks Jack.

I’m Bob Hoff and that’s Washington Ag Today on Northwest Aginfo Net.


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