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David Sparks, Ph.D. 6-24 IAN Marijuana 2
by David Sparks, Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Today's Idaho Ag News
Date: June 24, 2010

 Yesterday, I described the efforts by a group from Washington, DC called the Marijuana Policy Project or MPP. Their basic premise is to legalize marijuana for amongst other reasons, medical use. Here’s Mike Meno, the Director of Communications for MPP: “ There’s a booming medical marijuana industry. There are 14 states where medical marijuana is legal. In California, places like Mendocino and Humboldt County you get entire economies that are based around growing marijuana. Medically there’s a demand from patients who suffer from cancer, AIDS, M.S., things like that who could use it medicinally but then there’s a huge recreational market.” Republican State Representative Tom Trail from Moscow, Idaho who has been a longtime advocate for the legalization of industrial hemp, recently took to the stage at a rally to announce a new bill that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in Idaho. On a personal note, I have a dear friend in agriculture who’s girlfriend has been battling cancer with chemo, radiation and lots of pain. She said medical marijuana has been a life-saver. Tomorrow, farmers and pot.


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