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Greg Martin Getting Ready for the Annual Wine Meeting
by Greg Martin, click here for bio

Program: Fruit Grower Report
Date: February 01, 2011

Getting Ready for the Annual Wine Meeting. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Fruit Grower Report.

Next week is the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Annual Meeting and Trade Show at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick and Executive Director, Vicky Scharlau says there are some very interesting programs this year.

SCHARLAU: Particularly this year we’ve taken the tact of, the theme is called “Paper To Practice - Theory Applied.” So what we’re trying to aim the convention sessions on is more of the “yes I can read all this wonderful research that’s coming out of Washington State University and actually from universities all over the world, but what does it mean to me at the ground level?”

She says that translates to a hands on approach to the educational sessions. In addition she says there are some very unique breakouts.

SCHARLAU: Some of the more unique sessions that we have this year and ones that are brand new from anything we’ve done in the past is we have a tasting room staff training session this year. We have working with WSU extension on a fundamentals of compressed air systems that’s going to be an all day session.

And she says you won’t want to miss the myth busting session.

SCHARLAU: We have a session that’s talking about the myths in the industry and the myths that we picked were pretty much by popular demand so we’ve taken topics that we have people strongly on either side of the issue and we want to be able to really air the discrepancies and information and come to a conclusion of what the actual myth might be.

That’s today’s Fruit Grower Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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