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Searching for the CCD Cause
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Program: Food Forethought
Date: July 22, 2010

The latest buzz on the street...bees don't like or tolerate cell phones, or to be more specific, the electromagnetic radiation they put out. In the frantic search to discover the cause of colony collapse disorder some researchers are grasping at anything and everything to explain why and how the honey bee is quickly becoming an endangered species. And with good reason. The honey bees small size in no way defines their overall importance to the world of agriculture. Without the pollination services of these small dynamos much of our agricultural system would unravel. Numerous studies in the last several years have tested the theory of electromagnetic radiations effect on bees, most being inconclusive. So, two scientists in India decided to step up their testing by several degrees and actually place not one but two cell phones in a working bee hive, transmitting signals twice a day for fifteen minute intervals. Needless to say, it disrupted the hive. Does this prove anything though other than if wanted badly enough we can force conditions to get the outcome we seek. The legitimate cause of CCD is still under investigation, hopefully using responsible and reliable scientific research in order to get the answers we seek.

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