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KayDee Gilkey Brae's Brown Bags -- One 12 Year Old AgVocate Making a Difference
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: March 03, 2016

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At this week’s Bayer LifeSciences Agvocate Forum in New Orleans, 12-year Braeden Mannering took the stage to share his agvocating story. His organization — 3B or Brae’s Brown Bags —- provides homeless and low-income people with three healthy snacks and a bottle of water. His organization has distributed more than 5100 brown bags to those in need since the summer of 2013. He shares his most recent project
Mannering: “In September I launched a special program called 3B Ripples. My mom says that she has seen 3B do a lot of great things and encourage a lot of people. She says even though I am a small pebble, I’ve been able to cause a ripple effect of change. I want to help kids from all over the country to see that they can make a big difference in the world. I want to show them that if we all throw our pebbles into a pond that we can make a tidal wave of change. I am an AgVocate because I believe that all of us can help end hunger. We can work together and make a difference. Food insecurity is a big problem but we all have the power to be part of the solution — whether you are 9 years old, 12 years old or even 85 years old.”
To learn more of Mannering’s inspiring story go to Braesbrownbags.org


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