EXIREL 3-27-17

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Farm Credit Q1 2017
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Markets-In-The-Red Markets In The Red

Beef and Grains in the red all across the board as futures came to a close yesterday

Potato Peels to Profit

U of I Professor and researcher Dr. Lilian Alessa urges Idaho ag businesses to capture byproducts and waste and turn these materials into something very useful.

Spokane-Rail-Initiative-Drives-Pt-1 Spokane Rail Initiative Drives Pt 1

A pair of initiatives gather steam in Spokane that could be bad news for state's Agriculture Community

February-s-Cattle-on-Feed-Report February’s Cattle on Feed Report

Providing an overview of last week’s monthly USDA Cattle on Feed report, here is USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam

Vital-Wines-Pt-1 Vital Wines Pt 1

A Non-Profit Winery Aims at Helping Provide Healthcare for Wine Industry Workers

Fuel-Tax-Transparency-Bill Fuel Tax Transparency Bill

A House Bill Would Require State to Post Gas Taxes on Pumps For All To See

Onion Cleanup

From a distance, the onion pile at Clay Peak landfill looks like another rolling foothill.

Tire-Tips-For-Spring-Planting-Season Tire Tips For Spring Planting Season

As farmers are beginning spring planting - it’s important to check your tires before you head to the field - according to James Crouch - farm segment marketing manager for Michelin agricultural tires.


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Holton Livestock Exchange, Inc. Congratulations 65th Anniversary

CAYAC (Cattle Auction Yard Advertising Co-op)
70 Sale Barns strong across the US 
DuPont Potato Protection 2017

Upcoming Ag Events

4/11 - 4/13, MEETING THE NEW FDA REQUIREMENTS Workshop : , FDA Offices – Cascadia Training Rm., 22215 26th Ave. SE, Bothell, WA
4/19, WAVE—Washington AdvancementsVinicuatre and Enology Seminar, Walter Clore Center Prosser WA
6/14, World Golf Classic, Canyon Lakes Golf Course Kennewick WA
7/23 - 7/27, Ag Media Summit , St Louis MO