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Scattered-Grains Scattered Grains

As we take a look in future prices in the grain market, we are seeing numbers all over the board.

Public-lands-consultant Public lands consultant

In the Western United States, the majority of cattle ranches are public lands ranchers.

Insuring-Fruit-Trees Insuring Fruit Trees

A standard apple tree if it has to be replanted take three to five years to begin reproducing again. And then it still is minimal in its production; it slowly increases so you could be looking at several years of lost returns on a block that has to be replanted due to damage.

Colorado-Pork-Producers-Annual-Meeting Colorado Pork Producers Annual Meeting

Next month the Colorado Pork Producers will hold their annual meeting and invite anyone who raises hogs in Colorado to attend.

Painting-Eyes-on-Cows--Rumps-Deter-Predators Painting Eyes on Cows’ Rumps Deter Predators

According to the articles, Australia’s University of New South Wales conservation biologist Dr. Neil Jordan has created what he is calling iCow strategy to deter African lions from attacking domesticated cattle herds in Botswana.

Photoselective-Netting Photoselective Netting

One area they are global leaders in is called Photoselective Netting. Dr. Yosepha Shahak, an Israeli researcher and world authority on anti-hail shade nets visited Wenatchee to speak about how they protect orchards.

Cool-Farmers Cool Farmers

Why isn't being a farmer perceived as being cool?

Adopt-Your--Next-Equine-Partner-Online-Through-July Adopt Your Next Equine Partner Online Through July

So if you go online to the BLM adopt a horse website you will see the online gallery full of horses available for adoption. There are horses from Nevada and Oregon up for adoption on this round of the internet so you can go online and see photos and videos of the horse and perhaps description of the temperament and then participate in the bidding process for the next month.


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Palouse in 1938, using a horse-drawn combine

It's harvest time and time to remember those who worked the land before us.
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Upcoming Ag Events

7/26 - 7/31, Chief Joseph Days, Joseph OR
7/27 - 7/30, Hood River County Fair, Odell OR
7/27, NFE Apple and Pear Exporter Workshop, WSU Extension Wenatchee
8/2 - 8/6, Malheur CT Fair , Ontario OR
8/4, Next Gen Tree Fruit Alliance Orchard Tour,
8/4, Taiwan orchard/bin & cull cutter training , Prosser WA
8/4, WFLA H2-A Townhall WA, ID, OR Locations, Wenatchee, Yakima, Pasco, Lacy, Parma ID, Portland OR
8/5 - 8/6, Moxee Hop Festival, Moxee, WA
8/8 - 8/13, Baker Cty Fair , Baker OR
8/13 - 8/14, Harvest Fest with Horses , McMinnville OR
8/17, Orchard Netting Field Day, 9472 Road U NW (Whitetrail Rd.). Quincy
8/18, Crop -Up Dinner Series and Marke Showcase, Hermiston OR
8/23 - 8/24, 100th Anniv. US Sheep Experiment Station, Dubois ID
9/8, Harvest Classic Golf Tournament, Pullman WA
9/11 - 9/13, OR State Board of Ag Meeting, Pendleton OR
9/16 - 9/18, Colorado Wheat Growers Pedal the Plains ,
9/17, CSU Ag Day @ Hughes Stadium , CSU
9/22 - 9/23, Oregon Cattlemens Fall Quarterly Meeting , Klamath Falls
9/24, Pendleton JR Livestock Show , Pendleton
10/8, Idaho Beef Council Race For Steaks , Boise ID
10/11, Orchard Floor Managment Organic Intensive Workshop,
11/4 - 11/5, Columbia Basin Circuit Finals , Yakima WA
11/9 - 11/12, Washington Cattlemens Convention, Suncadia Cle Elum WA
11/9 - 11/12, Tri-State Grain Convention, Cour d'Alene ID
11/16 - 11/17, Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Meeting, Three Rivers Convention Center Tri-Cities WA
12/5 - 12/9, Irrigation Assoc Annual Meeting, Las Vegas NV
1/18 - 1/19, 2017 WSHGA Annual Expo and Trade Show, THREE RIVERS CONVENTION CENTER