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Put on Your Rally Cap! Grains on a Rebound

Wheat took a BIG jump Tuesday!

COOL-Retaliation COOL Retaliation

The National Pork Producers Council officials say retaliation is coming if the U.S. does not repeal Country of Origin Labeling for pork, beef and chicken.

Apples-Coming-Along Apples Coming Along

The hot weather has been affecting apple size but that might be a good thing.

Potato-Field-Day Potato Field Day

It was a good turn out for the WSU Potato Field Day.

Put on Your Rally Cap! Grains on a Rebound

Wheat took a BIG jump Tuesday!

Summer-Grilling-Tips Summer Grilling Tips

Many Americans spend at least some of their extended Fourth of July Holiday weekend grilling.

Participate-in-Colorado-State-Fair Participate in Colorado State Fair

Ever wanted to have bragging rights on your baking or sewing skills? What about your amazing garden bounty?

Looking-for-Benefits-in-Weed-Species Looking for Benefits in Weed Species

The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” Well, based on the resent research of Washington State University Weed Science Associate Professor Dr. Ian Burke, the virtues of the lowly weed prickly lettuce is looking far more promising.


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Takin' Care of Livestock (Takin' Care of Business Parody)

Another Hit from the Peterson Farm Brothers

Ag Foresty Endowment Fund for International Travel

Aginfo's news broadcaster KayDee Gilkey featured in documentary about Ag Forestry's impact on Agriculture

Upcoming Ag Events

7/8 - 7/9, Reinventing America: The Ag Tech Summit, Salinas CA
7/9, University of Idaho/Limagrain Joint Field Day, Moscow, Idaho
7/9, EOARC Range Field Day, EOARC Union Station OR
7/11, Umatilla Cattlmen's Jackpot and Steer and Heifer Show, Hermiston OR
7/11, Colorado Cattlemens Summer BBQ, Elk Ranch Colorado Sp[rings
7/11, Umatilla Cattlemens Classic Jackpot Steer and Heifer Show , Hermiston OR
7/14, Spillman Farms Field Day, Pullman WA
7/15, Western Land Sympoisum, Boise ID
7/15 - 7/18, NCBA Summer Conference, Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center, 650 15th St, Denver, CO
7/16 - 7/18, Northwest Junior Sheep Expo, Moses Lake WA
7/21, UCCA Desert Classic jackpot Steer & Heifer Show, Hermiston OR
7/27, Western Water Symposium, Morgan Library Colorado State University
7/29, Deschutes County Fair , Redmond OR
7/29, Deschutes County Fair , Redmond OR
8/1 - 8/8, Wallow County Fair, Enterprise OR
8/8, Northwest Cider Assoc Summer Cider Day, Port Townsend WA
8/20 - 8/21, 2015 Grass Tour , Greely,CO
9/1 - 9/3, Farm Progres Show, Decatur Il
9/11 - 9/14, Hells Canyon Mule Days, Enterprise OR
9/16 - 9/19, Pendleton RoundUp, Pendleton OR
9/17 - 9/18, Oregon Cattlemens Assoc Fall Quarterly Meeting, Klamath Falls OR
9/26, Pendleton JR Livestock Show, Pendleton OR
11/9 - 11/14, Irrigation Assoc Annual Meeting, Long Beach CA
11/11 - 11/14, Tri State Wheat Convention,
11/17 - 11/19, Range Cow Beef Symposium, Loveland CO
12/3 - 12/5, Oregon Cattlemens Convention, Bend OR
1/18 - 1/20, Colorado Cattlemens Assoc Mid-Winter Conference, Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec Street, Denver, CO
12/5 - 12/9, Irrigation Assoc Annual Meeting, Las Vegas NV