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Wheat-Closes-Lower-Thursday Wheat Closes Lower Thursday

Wheat closed lower on slow export sales and rising US dollar. While corn had slight gains on good export sales.

Food Stewardship

Not to disparage the environmentalists, the organic food producers and so many foreign nations who look at our foods, that we intend to export, through an electron microscope.

Wolves--Cougars--Now-Bears Wolves, Cougars, Now Bears

State and federal agencies are looking at restoring grizzly bears in the North Cascades.

PNW-Wheat-Grower-takes-the-Reins-of-the-National-Association-of-Wheat-Growers PNW Wheat Grower takes the Reins of the National Association of Wheat Growers

At last week’s Commodity Classic Eastern Washington wheat farmer Bret Blankenship become the new president of the National Association of Wheat Growers.

Is-a-Dispersed-Wolf-Gone--Moved--or-What---- Is a Dispersed Wolf Gone, Moved, or What?

Eastern Oregon rancher Mark Lane has had to deal with wolves running on and near the private property he has used as pasture for his cattle herd. He has some frustration in trying to learn about the activities and locations of the Umatilla Pack.

Good-For-Consumers-Good-For-Growers Good For Consumers Good For Growers

Phytonutrient rich baby potatoes are helping to raise awareness about the nutrition of potatoes in general.

Fire-Blight Fire Blight

It's time to be proactive when it comes to fire blight.

Syngenta-Agibiz Syngenta Agibiz

Today's agricultural operations are very sophisticated businesses.


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Do you know what Agroecology Is? David Sparks of the Ag Information Network of the West explains

Agro Ecology

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Upcoming Ag Events

3/7, Trinity Farms 150 Bull Sale 50 Female , Ranch in Ellensburg WA
3/13, Bodner Angus and Rollin Rock Angus Sale, Double M Sale Faclity Hermiston Or
3/14, 4-H Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed , CFairgrounds Eagle Colo
3/16, Malson Bull Sale, Parma, Idaho
3/17, Genetic Edge Bull Sale , Idaho Falls Id
3/18, Wine Grape Growers Workshop, Port of Walla Walla
3/18, Wine Grape Growers Workshop, PASCO Red Lion Hotel
3/18 - 3/20, Advancing The Ag Economy Through Innovation CSU Ag Innovation Summit , Colorado State University Fort Collins CO
3/19 - 3/4, Wind Grape Growers Workshop, Prosser Wa at the Walter Clore Center
3/19, Wine Grape Growers Workshop, Yakima Convention Center Yakima
3/21, Attenburg Super Baldy Ranch Sale, Fort Collins CO
3/23 - 3/24, Wheat College 2015, Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla WA
3/28 - 3/29, Leachman Spring Bull and Female Sale, Wellington CO
3/29, Cattlemens Seminar and Banquet , CSU ARDEC Center Wellington CO
3/30, Leachman Cattle of Colorado Bull and Female Sale , CSU ARDEC Center Wellington CO
4/10 - 4/12, Columbia River Cowboy Gathering and Music Festival, Benton Cty Fairgrounds
4/15, NAMA National Ag Marketing Assn, Kansas City MO
4/18, High Plains Texas Longhorn Sale , Ft. Collins CO
4/18 - 4/19, Paulouse Empire Plowing Bee, Colfax WA
4/27 - 4/28, Ag Chat Pacific NW Conference , Spokane WA
6/10 - 6/12, Oregon Cattlemens Mid Year Conference, John Day OR
6/14 - 6/17, Colorado Cattlemen's Protein Producer Summit (Annual Meeting), , Colorado Springs
6/29 - 6/30, Grazing Management for Riparian-Wetland Areas Training Course, Crook County 4H Building Prineville OR